Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jose Canseco Living In a Garage; Gets Hired As Coach & Designated Hitter

Jose Canseco may want to think of writing a new book or do something extraordinary in order to get out of the current streak of bad luck that he has hit. When Canseco was in his prime, he would date models and drive some of the world's most expensive cars. Nowadays it seems like he can't even afford a nice home.

The former Major League slugger has reportedly been evicted from his home and is currently living in a friend's garage. This is all coming from the popular tabloid website, TMZ, that still seems to treat Jose Canseco like a celebrity. The website is stating that the former Yankee missed two months of rent at a rented home.

On his Twitter page, Jose Canseco confirmed the rumors and admits that ever since his controversial book "Juiced" hit shelves, it has been downhill. He goes as far as to call himself "the modern day frankenstein."

The steroid abuser decided to play the blame game and points to Major League Baseball as the source of all his problems. He believes that they have aimed at destroying his life and apparently they succeeded.

Canseco is not shy to express what is currently going on. He expresses his desire to cry, but at the same time he believes that living in a garage is not too bad.

He says that he doesn't mind being poor again since that is how he was raised. But the may not last long as he is back in baseball.

Canseco_crop_358x243A Laredo Broncos Jose Canseco jersey as fans are ready to go and see the former Yankee in action again.

Do not fear. He is not back in the Major Leagues. Jose Canseco was just recently signed to a contract to become a designated hitter and a bench coach for the Laredo Broncos.

It is a short term contact that will only last the next two Laredo Bronco's homestand, according to the Associated Press.

Jose Melendez is currently serving as the Bronco's general manager and he issued a statement on the team's website on Jose Canseco's hiring. Melendez said, ""He felt baseball was over with. We're the ones who encouraged him to come back and return to the game of baseball and back to where his beloved fans can see him again."

Canseco was the mentor to many on steroid issues during his baseball career in the Majors, but now he will serve as a mentor to younger baseball players hoping to keep their dream alive of making it big.

The Bronco's are really excited about signing Jose Canseco that they even decided to state that his signing is the "biggest" in all of Independent League Baseball History.

Could this be a publicity stunt by Canseco to be on top of the world again? He was on a VH1 show a few years back and he could be looking for a comeback or a television show to make money again. Any type of spare change will be greatly appreciated by Canseco at this point.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breaking News: Derek Jeter Surpasses The Bambino On All-Time Hits List

The records keep on piling up for Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. He entered the Yankees-Red Sox game on Sunday night tied with The Great Bambino, Babe Ruth, on the all-time career hits list. It came against a very familiar foe in the Boston Red Sox with Josh Beckett on the mound.

In the second inning, Derek Jeter walked up to the plate with great swagger like always. It seemed like there was no pressure on him, as he just lined a base hit up the middle of the field to simply surpass Babe Ruth. Not only did he add himself to a greater place in the record books, but he helped the Yankees get out in front.

On Jeter's second inning hit, Brett Gardner was able to score and the Yankees increased their lead on Boston to 2-0.

Down goes Lou Gehrig and down goes Babe Ruth! Derek Jeter is now within 126 hits of 3,000. It's not like he needs that to get into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, because with five World Series Championships and more than 2,500 hits, you are a lock in anyone's book.

Bombers' Banter predicts that Derek Jeter will pass that milestone in 2011 as a New York Yankee. He will not sign elsewhere and will accomplish that feat in his familiar pinstriped uniform.

Congratulations, Derek Jeter!

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Not A Bum For Acting: Reviewing Derek Jeter's Cameo In "The Other Guys"

"The Other Guys" opened in theaters this past Friday starring Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg. But the comedy film starred a very popular New York figure in Derek Jeter.

The Yankees short-stop has been on Saturday Night Live and is engaged to actress Minka Kelly, so the acting potential is all around him. There was a lot of hype building up to his acting debut in a blockbuster, but he failed to disappoint.

Derek Jeter has won MVP awards for Major League Baseball's World Series and All-Star Game respectively. With his role as himself and as a bum, Jeter could add an Oscar to his set of awards.

In the film, Mark Wahlberg's cop character is called "The Yankee Clipper", because of an incident where he shoots Derek Jeter in the dugout steps before a World Series game. Derek Jeter is on the ground and fans believe that Wahlberg caused them a championship.

Jeter's funnier scene occurs years later when Wahlberg and Jeter meet at Nathan's in Coney Island. Jeter is dressed as a bum and is on the streets due to the shooting that occurred years prior. When Derek Jeter is dressed as a bum, the audience bursts into tears of laughter as now there is a comedic Jeter on the screen alongside a hilarious Will Farrell.

MTV recently revealed that Adam McKay, one of the film's leading producers, was surprised with how prepared Jeter was for his role. The filming occurred not too long after the World Series and many believed that the Yankee Captain would be partying it up, but instead he was ready for his next job with his lines prepared.

"The Other Guys" has the audience in tears even before the Derek Jeter scenes. It is a hilarious movie that draws just about the same praise and comedy glory of Will Farrell's "Step Brothers."

It is definitely a must-see flick this Summer and New York fans will gladly enjoy the acting of their very own Derek Jeter.


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Yankee Fan's Guide To The Roster Invitees

The Quest for No.28 is about to begin. Baseball is back in full bloom for the Yankees as Spring Training is set to begin in 6 days. Before the Yankees start preparing for the season there are still a few question marks that have yet to be answered.

The Back-Up Left Fielder Competition and Bench Producer: The Yankees signed outfielders Randy Winn and Marcus Thames during the offseason, so that they may have a chance to compete with Brett Gardner for the open slot in left field. The Yankees lost Austin Jackson in the deal to acquire center fielder Curtis Granderson. Javier Vazquez's arrival back in the Bronx spelled good-bye to fan favorite Melky Cabrera. Johnny Damon may soon join Cabrera in Atlanta, as he has been offered a deal with the Braves next year.

Winn and Gardner may be the top choices for that open spot, but in recent years both have only proven to be as good as a fourth outfielder. The Yankees probably won't choose Marcus Thames even if he has a big Spring Training. He could win the last spot on the team for a bench role. Another option is the team's Rule 5 Draft Pick, Jaime Hoffman. Hoffman is considered a talented outfielder with some upside. This will probably be one of the biggest competitions in the Yankees Spring Training this year. Thames has power that would come in handy off the bench, so many predict he will win this spot. This allows Hoffman to mature and ripen a bit more until a possible Late Summer/September call-up.

Left Handed Pitchers Wilkin Arias and Royce Ring: These two pitchers will be in the spotlight as they look for a spot in the Yankees bullpen for 2010. Their chances of making the team may be slim, if Damaso Marte earns himself a spot in the bullpen again. These pitchers also will have to hurdle over their competitors like Jonathan Albaladejo, Boone Logan, Sergio Mitre, and Mark Melancon. Chad Gaudin and Mitre will be competing for a rotation spot, so if they don't make it there they will probably fall into the bullpen.

Kei Igawa, Jason Hirsh, Mike Rivera, Colin Cutis, Etc: The list goes on for the rest of the players invited to Spring Training. These four players highlight just a few that will probably just be donning the Yankees uniform in Spring Training. Afterwards they will trade that uniform in for Scranton Wilkes-Barre's uniform or Trenton's uniform. They have little to no chance of making the team right out of Spring Training.

Austin Romine and Jesus Montero: These two catchers will probably use Spring Training to get a feel of the Major Leagues. The Yankees could soon see these two guys in pinstripes and in the Bronx. Romine still has some room to improve, but Jesus Montero looks ready. If Jorge Posada or Jose Molina were to get injured for an extended period of time, the arrival of Montero could soon be nearing.

The Yankees have an overload of catchers with these two prospects included. Posada is their starter and Molina is his back-up. Francisco Cervelli is the back-up's back-up. Then come the two prospects. The Yankees could always use Romine as trade bait for something prized in the market in July. Montero is untouchable. For now, these two prospects will look to make great impressions in Spring Training.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Johnny Damon Says Why He Will Not Return To The Bronx

Johnny Damon and the New York Jets are probably the biggest sports topics in New York, right now. The Yankees have reportedly made their final offer to Damon. It is now a take it or leave it deal. Scott Boras, Damon's agent, is still looking for the big bucks, but it is highly unlikely that big money is still left for Damon on any team. Johnny Damon texted Tyler Kepner recently and said that a return to New York is still likely.

Damon also said that he was considering retirement, but later on thoughts and rumors of retirement were dispelled. Again Damon goes against his word. This time on the belief of a possible return to the Bronx.

Damon was spotted on Saturday night leaving Mickey Mantle's restaurant in Manhattan. When asked about a short interview with reporters, Damon accepted. The reporters sat down at the table, but soon had to stand back up because Damon's date had returned from the restroom. His date was the one and only Kate Hudson.

Reporters sat down to question Damon about his free agency, but instead he would be answering questions about why he was on a date with Kate Hudson. Hudson was Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend and lucky charm during the 2009 playoffs. Damon is a married man!

When asked about the date, Damon responded that Kate and him were just having dinner and were going out to get a few drinks afterwards. Was there love attached? Damon said, "Kate and I are very close. I won't say anything more about us."

"Us"? Damon says that he and Kate met at Rodriguez's party celebrating their championship. While A-Rod was in the restroom, Damon got close with Hudson. As the Jersey Shore folks would say, 'Damon committed the robbery.'

Johnny Damon is no stranger to robbery. He is a very good base runner and is always a threat to steal. That may be one reason why the Yankees would like to re-sign him. But after the Hudson date at Mantle's, Damon said that a return to the Bronx probably will not happen.

"It will be hard to look at Alex in the eyes. During my time in New York, I grew close with him. After my relationship with Kate became more intimate, I think Alex and I grew farther apart," said Damon.

As for Damon's family, Michelle Damon has refused to comment on the issue. A close friend to the family says that Michelle 'saw this coming. This could turn into a big cat fight between Hudson and Michelle Damon.

Speaking of felines...hopefully this doesn't turn into a Tiger-like situation. That is Tiger as in Tiger Woods. The man that hid an entire playboy calendar worth of women from his wife. Who knows how many more women Damon could be hiding? One thing is certain, Damon will not be in the Bronx next year.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yankees Considering Rocco Baldelli for Left Field

The baseball media has been tracking Johnny Damon and the New York Yankees since the day that Matt Holliday and Jason Bay were removed from the market. People are hoping that the two sides can just put their troubles behind and come to an agreement. Then there are the big names like Rick Ankiel that have been thrown out there as options. The one man that the Yankees have been overlooking is Rocco Baldelli.

Baldelli signed with the Red Sox last offseason, but had very little playing time. Before playing for the Red Sox, he had a stint with the Tampa Bay Rays/Devil Rays. He had a couple of pretty good seasons, but was always limited because of injuries. That might be one thing that turns off the Yankees about Baldelli.

The Yankees probably like the fact that he can be a good right-handed hitter for their line-up and hit well against lefties. Baldelli is a .295 hitter against lefties throughout his career. That would be great for the Yankees. According to multiple sources, he was a very well liked guy in the clubhouse in Tampa and Boston. The Yankees Clubhouse is already pretty laid back. Baldelli would probably feel comfortable with the atmosphere in New York.

The Yankees will have a lot of questions to answer about left-field as they enter Spring Training. Their quest for No. 28 probably could be weaker if they aren't settled in the outfield. A Brett Garder/Rocco Baldelli platoon for the season would not be bad. He's a cheap and good option. The Yankees should deeply consider him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Johnny Damon on a Return to the Bronx, "I Never Say Never"

By: Christopher Chavez

The Yankees are still in dire need for a left-fielder. Johnny Damon is in dire need of a job. Why can't they both just get along. In a recent text message exchange with Tyler Kepner, Damon said, "I'm sure things will work out somewhere."

That somewhere could be New York, but not for a long period of time. Damon will probably end up signing just a one-year contract with the team that chooses to make him an attractive offer. The Yankees only have about two million dollars left to spend this offseason according to their front office representatives. The Yankees basically have room for one more player on the roster. One more player to play the outfield or to pitch.

The Yankees might be looking at a pitcher so that they will have a suitable end of the bullpen with Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes. Ben Sheets, Mark Mulder, Joel Pineiro, Pedro Martinez, Jarod Washburn, or a reunion with Chien-Ming Wang are all possibilities. For the spot in left-field the Yankees could be looking at Damon, Rick Ankiel, Reed Johnson. or even Endy Chavez as options. Brett Gardner is the current left-fielder for Opening Day 2010 in Boston, but not too many fans are sold with the idea of having such a young guy play for the Yankees.

Kepner asked Damon whether a return to the Bronx has been ruled out. Damon replied to Kepner's text message saying, "I never say never anymore."

As of now the 2010 Opening Day Line-Up might look a bit like this:
1. Derek Jeter - SS
2. Curtis Granderson - CF
3. Mark Teixeira - 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez - 3B
5. Jorge Posada - C
6. Nick Johnson - DH
7. Robinson Cano - 2B
8. Nick Swisher - RF
9. Brett Gardner - LF

It's all about 2011 and the free agent market. That year, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera will receive new contracts with the New York Yankees, without a doubt. Then the Yankees will start to get their left field situation settled by taking good looks at Carl Crawford and Manny Ramirez for left-field. Cliff Lee hits the market also. While Pettitte and Vazquez could be coming off the books. It is too early to start discussing the 2011 free agents, but by now everyone must have an idea about the Yankees approach to Carl Crawford next year.